David Cohen - iLogos Game Studios

David Cohen Bio

Senior Director of Business Development

David Cohen serves as a key member of the iLogos team, bringing over two decades of diverse experience in the gaming industry. With a background in game design and animation, David embarked on his career in the ’90s and quickly found his footing in Quality Assurance (QA) roles at Sony and EA. In 2004, he transitioned into AAA game development as a Technical Artist and has since held various roles including Character TD and Technical Art Director in AAA, Mobile, and VR gaming.

In recent years, David has pivoted to business development, a role he finds incredibly rewarding. His responsibilities allow him to travel extensively, network with industry professionals, and contribute to a wide range of projects, both large and small, across different facets of game development.

David is passionate about video games and looks forward to engaging with the iLogos team on this shared interest. Outside of work, he enjoys stand-up comedy, hiking, and quality time with his family. Eager to connect with his colleagues, David is always open for a video call and looks forward to the possibility of sharing a drink at future industry conferences.

At iLogos, David is excited about the journey ahead and is committed to leveraging his extensive experience to contribute to the company’s growth and success.

David Cohen