In a world where technology and entertainment intersect, blockchain gaming has emerged as a frontier of innovation and creativity. As we delve deeper into 2023, the landscape of blockchain gaming continues to evolve, shaped by advancements in technology, shifting player expectations, and the ever-growing interest in decentralized systems. Amidst this dynamic backdrop, the Blockchain Game Alliance WEB Summit 2023, stands as a pivotal gathering of minds and ideas, setting the tone for the future of this exciting industry.

The BGA event has become a hub for exploring new frontiers in gaming, offering a unique platform for developers, creators, and visionaries to share insights, forge collaborations, and showcase groundbreaking projects. This year's summit was no exception, featuring an array of discussions, presentations, and exhibitions that highlighted the burgeoning potential of blockchain in gaming.

WEB Summit 2023

Among the notable attendees was Andrew Tymoshenko, a visionary Lead Game Designer from iLogos Game Studios, representing the captivating "Riftwardens" Game by Intense Games LTD. 

“We were privileged to showcase our game at the Blockchain Game Alliance booth, a magnetic hub that attracted bright minds from all over the Web Summit. Our engagement with professionals, tech enthusiasts, investors, and gamers was a truly unforgettable experience.” - Andrew Tymoshenko.

His participation and insights at the event are not just a testament to his expertise but also a reflection of the growing interest and investment in the blockchain gaming sector.

Let's hear firsthand from Andrew as he answers our questions, starting with his overall experience at the WEB Summit 2023."

Interview with Game Designer, Andrew Tymoshenko on Blockchain Gaming

WEB Summit 2023

What was your overall experience at WEB Summit 2023? What were some of the highlights for you?

Excellent opportunity to meet people you would never meet otherwise, as you're living in different dimensions of the multiverse. And they are friendly and open. And there are many. Overall, a great experience, both exciting and exhausting.

What emerging technologies or trends caught your attention at the summit, and how do you see them impacting the gaming industry?

AI took the spotlight at the summit, and its influence promises a fundamental shift in all production pipelines. However, this transformation will only materialize once AI tools achieve the necessary reliability.

Who were some of the most interesting people you met at the event? Are there potential collaborations or partnerships that could arise from these meetings?

We had the privilege of showcasing our game at the Blockchain Game Alliance booth, drawing interest from tech professionals, VC's, journalists, scientists, and fellow gamers. We're hopeful that these connections can evolve into long-term partnerships.

What were your top three takeaways from the summit? How do they align with or challenge your current perspectives on game design and development?

There's a whole world outside of the game dev bubble, and we should pay attention to it to be able to produce games that are relevant for all kinds of people.

Be open to different perspectives: there were many startups with kinda strange products (custom mouse cursors, really?), yet successful enough to attract people's attention.

Being authentic (rather than just straight away trying to sell your project) helps to develop a meaningful connection with any stranger.

Based on your observations at the summit, how do you see WEB3 and blockchain technology evolving in the gaming sector?

WEB Summit 2023

People are waiting for actual games to show up. Fun comes first, much more important than potential earnings. Everyone's a bit fed up with the scams we've seen before, but there's a positive vibe that things will turn around for the better.

What do you perceive as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing game designers in the current tech landscape?

In today's tech landscape, the significant challenge for game designers is mastering a multitude of tools, including AI-powered text, image, and video generators, as well as major engines like Unity and Unreal. However, this challenge comes with a unique opportunity, as advancements in technology empower game designers to evolve into one-person creative powerhouses, capable of swiftly prototyping any ideas.

How has attending the WEB Summit 2023 contributed to your personal and professional growth as a game designer?

While the summit doesn't revolve around games, I've observed a noteworthy interest in games from individuals in seemingly "boring" industries, recognizing games as something that ignites curiosity. Despite our differences, we've all been kids, and now, understanding the context of others' lives becomes key to delivering meaningful gaming experiences.

Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to aspiring game designers looking to make a mark in the industry?

Based on my experiences, here's advice for aspiring game designers:

Understand people: your players, teammates, and stakeholders. They're not just functions but real individuals. This empathy will shape impactful game designs.

Master the craft: it's not just about generating ideas; you need to know how to bring them to life. Invest time in learning engines; there are plenty of guides on YouTube. Becoming proficient with tools makes you a valuable asset to any team.

All in All 

Andrew Tymoshenko's experience at the WEB Summit 2023 not only highlights the significant strides being made in blockchain gaming but also underscores the importance of understanding and integrating emerging technologies into game design. His insights offer a roadmap for aspiring game designers and industry veterans alike, emphasizing the need for empathy, mastery of the craft, and an openness to diverse perspectives. 

The takeaways from this summit are clear: the future of gaming lies in fun, authenticity, and the seamless integration of technology - a future that seems both promising and exhilarating for the gaming community. As the blockchain gaming sector continues to evolve, it's these insights and experiences that will shape its trajectory, ensuring a vibrant and engaging gaming world for all.

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