Today, the creation of games is a complex process that requires the efforts of a whole team of specialists. Of course, there are still enthusiasts who alone create unique projects. But for successful commercial games, a qualified team is required.

Creating a studio from scratch is expensive and not so easy. Luckily, there are video game outsourcing companies that save you time and money. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of working with such companies.

A few words about game outsourcing

Video game outsourcing is the delegation of different stages of development or the entire process. Companies usually delegate programming, graphics, animation, character development, sound design, testing, etc.

For example, you need to integrate blockchain technology into your game, but you do not have the necessary specialists. You can find the outsourcing contractor that will complete this task. Or your company is strong in development, but you need talented artists and designers for characters and location design. So you can find some game art studios for this stage.

In iLogos we offer the following services to our clients:

We also work with NFT game development and metaverse solutions and offer solutions for brand-new games and existing games.

You can outsource game development to save time and get the best result. This approach allows you to use resources more efficiently and release high-quality projects. Outsourcing is used by Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft, and other large companies.

Let's look at the reasons why outsourcing is gaining popularity.

Reason 1: ready-to-work team

Outsourcing Game Development companies

You will not need to spend time searching and hiring employees. You don't even have to figure out which specialists you need. Outsourcing companies themselves will make up a team for your needs.

Also, with the ready-to-work team, you will receive all the necessary equipment and software. You will not need to deal with modern technologies, pay for licenses, and purchase equipment. Outsourcing gaming companies already have all the processes set up.

Game outsourcing will help you save time and energy. You can focus on genius ideas and control the process.

Reason 2: highly qualified specialists

highly qualified specialists game outsourcing

Finding a good specialist is not easy. All talented designers, developers, and testers are already busy on other projects and are unlikely to wait for the job offer. If you are lucky, you will assemble a team of skilled employees. But this may take a lot of time.

With outsourcing game development, you will receive a high-quality service. Each department in such companies has experts who have already tested their skills on other projects and will be able to solve any task. These specialists do not require training. They already have the skills and experience.

Reason 3: cost-effectiveness

cost-effectiveness game development

Using the services of outsourcing companies, you can reduce the cost of your employees. You do not need to spend money on training, salary, and vacation. You pay only for the work performed at the established price list - and that's it. Also, you do not need to spend money on subscriptions and equipment, as we have mentioned above.

Flexibility is another bonus. You determine how much work you need for the project, and you can choose the appropriate cooperation scheme.

Reason 4: unlimited possibilities 

game development team

Outsourcing studios work with a large number of projects. They know about all modern solutions and cutting-edge technologies. You can use their experience to develop a truly impressive project that will bring you profit.

In addition, using the capabilities of an outsourcing team, you can add to the games technologies and techniques that are difficult to implement on your own. For example, you can add NFT technology or use a higher level of graphics.

The team can also support the project after launch: by attracting new players and providing technical support. Outsourcing allows you to expand the boundaries, going beyond the capabilities of a single team.

Reason 5: well-established processes

iLogos game development team

The essential element of complex processes is coordination. In outsourcing companies, all stages have already been worked out. Following strict schedules will allow you to control the development process and avoid popular mistakes. With an outsourcing company, you can focus on other tasks.

The iLogos team can connect at any project stage and competently organize the workflow. We work with various genres, engines, and platforms.

Outsourcing Game Development

Choose trusted game outsourcing companies.

Choose gamedev companies with an excellent reputation to get a quality and well-functioning product and avoid mistakes. Check the feedback and pay attention to the portfolio to find projects similar to what you need.

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