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Two Dots

  • 4,4*/5* on App Store
  • 30 million downloads
  • Best game on handheld devices for the 2015-2017 Webby Awards
  • People’s Voice Winner 2018
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Game Intro

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Two Dots: an immersive puzzle experience where connecting dots takes center stage! 

Accompany a daring duo of Dots as they traverse exciting landscapes, unearthing enigmatic fortresses, descending along molten streams of fiery lava, and acquiring coveted rewards within the realm of one of the globe’s most adored puzzle games.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

iLogos played a vital role in the development process of TwoDots by providing a team of skilled Unity Developers. Our expertise and experience in Unity allowed us to seamlessly integrate new features into the game, contributing to its overall success. 


Unity Client Engineering: iLogos delivered top-notch Unity client engineering services, ensuring a seamless and engaging gaming experience for Two Dots players.

Testing Automatization on mobile platforms Android & iOS: iLogos implemented efficient testing automation solutions for both Android and iOS platforms, enabling comprehensive testing and rapid bug detection, thus enhancing the overall game quality.

Porting to AppleTV and Apple Arcade: iLogos successfully ported Two Dots to AppleTV and Apple Arcade platforms, expanding the game’s reach and allowing it to captivate a broader audience across multiple Apple devices.

Solutions & Expertise 

Unity Client Development: iLogos successfully developed the Unity client for Two Dots, ensuring a smooth and optimized gameplay experience for users.

Testing Automatization for Mobile Platforms: iLogos implemented automated testing processes specifically designed for mobile platforms, ensuring efficient and high-quality testing of the game.

Porting to AppleTV and Apple Arcade: iLogos facilitated the porting process of Two Dots to AppleTV and Apple Arcade, allowing the game to reach a wider audience and expand its platform compatibility.

Throughout our collaboration, iLogos demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise, professionalism, and dedication, consistently going above and beyond what a technology vendor is expected to do.

iLogos were instrumental to our success at Playdots over the last three years. Not only did iLogos engineers excel in their technical capabilities, but they also showcased a high level of integrity and professionalism throughout our partnership. They consistently displayed a strong work ethic, upheld their commitments, and demonstrated a genuine passion for delivering exceptional solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend iLogos as a reliable and competent partner for anyone seeking to build highest quality games and related products.
Oleg Simonov, CTO.

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