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Pirates & Pearls

  • 4,7/5* on App Store
  • 4.4* on Google Play
  • “Just right degree of difficulty” — from a user review
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Pirates & Pearls

Game Intro

Pirates and Pearls is a match-three puzzle game G5 developed for mobile. In it, players are getting the role of Mr. Knox, a notorious pirate with an amazingly annoying parrot who arrives at an abandoned island in the Caribbean sea and discovers a treasure. Solving puzzles and going through various makeover challenges, Mr. Knox restores a rusty building on the island, turns it into a pirate fort, and unlocks mysterious areas around to discover new boons & boosts for his adventures. 

A Google Play reviewer calls the game a “modern puzzle that actually makes any sort of effort to be unique, rather than copying every other puzzle game out there.” Challenges in the game are difficult but not impossible. Puzzles are connected to the storyline that follows Mr. Knox as he builds and renovates his pirate resort, meets other pirates, and lives his best treasure-hunting life wrecking other people’s ships and islands with his crew. 

In one word, Pirates and Pearls is incredibly fun. iLogos created art assets for its locations and characters.  

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

G5 wanted unique and bright graphics for Pirates & Pearls, with fun, smooth animations for building makeover sequences and environmental design elements. We needed to create art for characters, buildings, and locations.  


We did concept art, models, and animations for quest locations and the surroundings players reveal as they go through the map. Our artists also modeled and animated characters players face in the wild — monsters like dragons or sea snakes.  


Although we worked on a lot of match-three games in the past — case in point — we enjoyed this collaboration a lot and are happy the game was well-received by players across the game stores. 

Solutions & Expertise

We draw assets in Adobe Photoshop following style guidelines provided by G5 first and then animated them in Spine 2D. 

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